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Check this section regularly for news regarding our new products, or news and events about Corinthian Distributors.

We constantly bring in new products that you and your customers like! Here are some exciting new products:



If you like the Palm Corned Beef Original  you will love Palm Corned Beef Lite. Especially made for the health-conscious Palm Corned Beef fun.  This is one Palm your spouse will buy for you.  Done in traditional ground beef style, a departure from the brisket-style texture Palm is famous for.

Presenting, Monde Cream Puff Pastry.  Now available by popular demand . Expertly prepared and baked.  It is packaged to seal in its delicious-tasting and fresh-baked goodness. Delicious combination of melt-in-the-mouth pastry filled with rich smooth chocolate cream.

Piknik Shoestring Potato, an American favorite for 75 years has introduced two new flavours.  For the sodium-challenged, the Original flavour is now available in 50% Less Salt and also in Fabulous Fries.   Piknik fries their shoestring potatoes in 100% pure vegetable oil and packs them in their stay-fresh reclosable canisters.  This ensures that it remains crisp, crunchy and retains its superm fresh-fried potato taste!

Try Manila Polvoron, made by the makers of ChocoVron, in economy and affordable packaging. Available in Pinipig, Buco Pandan and Ube flavours.

Cake lovers, Goldilocks Cake Slices is now available in Double Dutch and Mocha Marble flavours.  Straight from Goldilocks Philippines.  Also available Goldilocks Ube Whole Roll.

Seafood fans,  Bolinaos Best Tambakol and Leonys Dalagang Bukid are now available in time for Lent!

Temple Dry Peas  is now available in a 24/ 180 g case for easy handling and merchandising.  Bye-Bye case of 100s!

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