Different types of foods make up the majority of the products we distribute at Corinthian. From popular Filipino snack foods like candy, chips, cookies, and other desserts, to our popular selection of canned goods (like New Zealand lamb), seafood, and easy-to-make meals (like noodles, soups, and other Filipino favorites), we have something for every palette and taste bud in our inventory! 

25 1056 4800016663505 Jack n Jill Nova Country Cheddar 78g No.1
65 1648 635168300763 Palm Corned Beef Garlic photo No.1
Canned Goods
LL 22128424736005504 Iberico Cebo Pork Chorizo 180g No.3
Cured Meats & Sausages
GDL 2424 4800111004166 Goldilocks Cake Slice Double Dutch 78g No.1
65 2816 4809010639295 Markys Ogoy Ogoy Biscuits 150g No.1
Biscuits & Cookies
80 1604 850537003056 Bangus Milkfish in Olive Oil Hot Spicy 230g No.1
15 06264807770272134 Lucky Me Instant Cup Chicken P Noodle 70g No.1


Our frozen foods department offers a selection of common sides as well as popular filipino seafood and vegetable selections such as milkfish, tilapia, purple yams, coconut, and grated cassava to enhance your asian inspired home-cooked meals.

ROS 2038 035447864113 Rosan Pastry Wrapper 16oz No.1
80 2642 671606000192 FFDMBolinaos Best Milkfish Deboned Large Marinated No.1
OLD 2028671606000949 Old Manila Grated Purple Yam Ube 16 oz No.1


Whether you’re looking for drink mixes like Nescafe Blend and Brew coffee, or popular beverage options from the Philippines, you can quench your thirst here. Popular drink options include coconut water, mango juice, Mirinda orange soda, and green tea, among many others.

65 13084803925033162 Mirinda Orange in Cans 330 ml No.1
25 1262 4800361403801 Nescafe Blend Brew Original 8x30x28g No.1
Drink Mixes


We don’t just distribute food and drinks at Corinthian. Whether you’re looking to stock up on equipment to enhance your cooking in the kitchen, hygiene products to moisturize and clean up, or even just a gift for a family member, we have an ecclectic collection of specialty items in stock to fit the description!

BEL 4002 4806518330075 Belo Essential Smoothing 135g No.1
65 4092 65 4092 Fry Wok 4
65 4108 65 4109 Midrib Broom
65 4122 728360572745 Multi Color Christmas Lantern 24 No.2


The most popular way to achieve an authentic filipino flavour in home cooking is to supplement the meal with the sauces, preserves, spices, and marinades that bring the taste together. We stock everything from shrimp paste and coconut spread, to soy sauce and vinegar. If you’re looking for that genuine Philippines ingredient, you can find it at Corinthian Distributors.

65 0012 025407803719 Mama Sita Barbeque Marinade Sauce 350ml No.1
Sauces & Marinades
10 0020 014285001492 UFC Vinegar Cane No.1
10 1834 4801668605417 UFC Palabok Mix 40g No.1
90 0022 Dagupan Sauteed Shrimp Paste Regular 230g No.1