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Good-bye winter, hello spring.  Spring is finally here!  Filipinos love the outdoors and are now cleaning up their barbeque grills mothballed during the winter.   It is about picnic permitting.

This explains the popularity of sauces and pasta.   Aside from your Filipino-style barbeque chicken and pork, grilling their favorite fish especially tilapia  with tomatos and onions wrapped in Pinili Banana Leaves is a favorite.    It might be too early to pan-fry their favorite dried fish like "tuyo" or "galunngon" inside their homes but the barbeque grill is more than ready.  

Check out the new items list.  We have the famous Pan de Manila Spanish Style-Chocolate 3 in 1 and the Pan de Manila Cafe con Leche, Spanish style coffee.  Sip these traditional favourites and imagine the horse-drawn carriages known as calesas going by with the familiar "clop-clop" of the horses hooves against the pavement.

For noodle lovers  we now have available,  Super Q Sotanghon Mung Bean Vermicellie.  It is a gluten-free formulation.  Try it with your favourite soup or a Comida China style noodle.

After all it is still Easter so feast on  frozen desserts straight from Goldilocks Philippines.  Frozen Sansrival and Brazo de Mercedes.  Enjoy the the Goldilocks Cake Slice n Choco Butter flavour.  Savor the taste of the original Goldilocks from Manila!






Eating is one of the most popular pastimes in the Philippines. In a country of over 7,100 islands, with over 111 cultural and linguistic groups, the Philippines is known as a melting pot of many cultures. It was inevitable that these differences would have a major influence on the way food is prepared and consumed in the Philippines. Filipino cuisine – the original fusion food - is a blend of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Mexican, South Asian and American influences.

Corinthian Distributors Ltd. is a food importer, marketer and distributor specializing in Filipino and Asian food for the grocery market in Canada. We represent major manufacturers and brands from the Philippines, as well as from the United States and Asia. Our products are available at independent stores and supermarket chains across Canada.

As a grocery retailer, you will be happy to know that we have 80 years of combined experience in servicing the grocery industry including key accounts management. We are highly customer and service-oriented, and we strive to be true partners in your business to help you succeed.

We invite you to experience the famous Filipino hospitality!

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