ASMR Mukbang

Join us in savoring the magic of Lucky Me! Pancit Canton’s ASMR Mukbang Campaign, where every slurp and crunch tells a delicious story. Mukbang is a trend that transforms meals into an interactive experience, allowing you to virtually dine with influencers like @veronicawangco, @Latertofueats, @insta.noodls, and @justpearlm. It’s more than just eating; it’s a celebration of flavors, a communal feast that goes beyond the screen. #LuckyMeASMRMukbang

“Combining all the Lucky Me Pancit Canton flavours together in one big bowl!” – Tabitha Tao of @insta.noodls

“Today we’re finally trying the famous Lucky Me Noodles in our first ever short! Let us know how you like to enjoy and spruce up your instant noodles in the comments below!” – Dennis and Michael of @LaterTofuEats

“Quick, easy, and budget-friendly meals? Yes, please! I’m loving these Lucky Me Pancit Canton / Chow mein Noodles! So many flavours to choose from, and they’re perfect for spicing up with your fave ingredients. @veronicawangco
“After filming this video, my mom and I shared another bowl of Sweet & SpicyIt’s the perfect quick meal with SO much flavour – might be my new love” – Pearl Mah of @justpearlm


Lucky Me! Flavor Ranking

Cup noodle lovers unite! Join the #LuckyMeFlavorRanking campaign and witness the ultimate flavor showdown. Watch influencers like, @foodologyca, and @veronicawangco dish out their top picks! Dive into the delicious debate, and while you’re at it, share your own ranking. Do Chicken Mami, La Paz Batchoy, or Bulalo reign supreme?

“This was my first time trying their instant noodles and I will definitely be getting more. They’re so affordable and you can find them at many large grocers like Walmart, Loblaws, T&T, No Frills, and independent Asian grocers across Canada!” – Connie of
“Let’s do a taste test of Lucky Me Noodles in Chicken Mami, Bulalo, and La Paz Bachoy flavours to see what our ranking is. Love these cup noodle formats as it’s perfect on the go, just add water!” – Diana of @foodologyca
“Flavour ranking time! Join me in this delicious adventure with lucky me noodles. I’m trying out their unique flavours – chicken mami, bulalo, La Paz Batchoy — and giving you my honest rankings!” -Veronica of @veronicawangco

#CulinaryCamping with Lucky Me Pancit Canton

Embark on a culinary camping adventure with Lucky Me Pancit Canton! Explore the great outdoors with the perfect camping companion that’s as convenient as it is delicious. Don’t forget to pack your own Lucky Me Pancit Canton – the ultimate portable and easy-to-cook noodle delight! Adventure awaits, so gear up and make your next camping trip a flavorful journey with #LuckyMeCulinaryCamping. Happy camping and happy munching!

“What do I eat when I’m fast hiking a backpacking trail, it’s dinner time, and I’m in need of some super tasty calories? I go with Lucky Me Sweet & Spicy Pancit Canton Filipino Stir-Fried Noodles. They are flavourful, fast cooking, calorie dense and salty, making them a perfect pick me up to get me back on the trail and to my truck!” – Viktoria of @viktorianorth
“Campfire cooking made easy with Lucky Me Noodles and PALM Corned Beef. Simple, delicious, and all about the good vibes. Whether you’re a gourmet guru or a quick-bite pro, the outdoors and crackling flames amp up the experience. Remember, it’s the moment that makes good food great – whether fancy or down-to-earth. Every bite becomes an adventure for your taste buds and soul. ” – Max of @grillhunters
“Watching the sun dip into the horizon while listening to music and cooking dinner has always been some of my funnest moments. This evening I brought some easy to cook and tasty dinner from PALM Corned Beef and Lucky Me Noodles. Both are available in various flavours, easy to prepare, and can be found in many major grocery stores.” – Marco of @iammarcoo
“Had the opportunity to partner with Lucky Me Noodles so on your next outdoor camping/climbing/hiking trip pack some Lucky Me! Pancit Canton Noodles. It’s delicious, easy to make, and it’s cheap.” – Joshua of @creativeclimbs

Lucky Me! Pancit Canton #DormHacks

Elevate your dorm life with Lucky Me Pancit Canton! Discover clever tips and tasty tricks from influencers that turn your dorm into a culinary haven. Dive into our Dorm Hacks Campaign to explore the ultimate guide for quick, delicious, and dorm-friendly meals. Ready to share your own culinary genius? Comment your favorite dorm food hacks and let’s make dorm life even more flavorful together!



“This ramen hack has saved me on so many hungry nights!” – James of @jamesbok
“Add some protein to your Lucky Me instant noodles with this easy trick.” – Vivian of @viviank.h
“I have a whole box of instant noodles just for my girl dinners. This is already like the bougie version of my usual girl dinners and I wanted to share this because this is such an easy meal to make in a dorm room!” – Rachel of @foodierrachel
“Pancit Canton for breakfast!” – featuring the father of @brothernoodle
“This meal with Lucky Me! helped me go through dorm life, it should help you as well! Quick, cheap, and easy!” – Arvin of @arvinfarsyad