Culinary Camping

Experience the beauty of the great outdoors with PALM Corned Beef x Lucky Me! Pancit Canton’s Culinary Camping Campaign! We extend a warm invitation to all adventurers, food aficionados, and nature enthusiasts to partake in an unparalleled camping adventure. Join us for an up-close encounter with our partner influencers as they savor a delightful and hassle-free meal amidst the breathtaking embrace of Mother Nature.

Campfire cooking made easy with Lucky Me Noodles and PALM Corned Beef. Simple, delicious, and all about the good vibes. Whether you’re a gourmet guru or a quick-bite pro, the outdoors and crackling flames amp up the experience. Remember, it’s the moment that makes good food great – whether fancy or down-to-earth. Every bite becomes an adventure for your taste buds and soul. – Max Dumont of @grillhunters
“What do I eat when I’m fast hiking a backpacking trail, it’s dinner time, and I’m in need of some super tasty calories? I go with Lucky Me Sweet & Spicy Pancit Canton Filipino Stir-Fried Noodles. They are flavourful, fast cooking, calorie dense and salty, making them a perfect pick me up to get me back on the trail and to my truck!” – Viktoria North of @viktorianorth
“This is one of my favourite drives close to home. The lush coastal forests of the Pacific and scenic mountain views of the Cascade range has been my backyard growing up and it’s been an absolute treat to explore in with my old Westfalia!
Watching the sun dip into the horizon while listening to music and cooking dinner has always been some of my funnest moments.
This evening I brought some easy to cook and tasty dinner from PALM Corned Beef and Lucky Me Noodles. Both are available in various flavours, easy to prepare, and can be found in many major grocery stores.” – Marco Calara of @immarcoo
“(This is) my outdoor chef era👨‍🍳
Got to put my cooking skills to the test with PALM Corned Beef for their culinary camping campaign. I’m not the greatest cook but it was surprisingly easy and super convenient if you’re on the go.
It’s made from the highest-quality New Zealand-raised, grass fed and free range beef. And also available in six flavours, two sizes and Halal.
So bring them out for your next outdoor trip.” – Joshua Manabat of @creativeclimbs

Keto Comforts

Introducing the PALM Corned Beef Keto Comforts Campaign, a culinary journey that will tickle your taste buds and keep your health in check! We’ve crafted an innovative and delicious experience for all those following a keto lifestyle or looking to explore its benefits. Join us in savoring the comforting flavors of PALM Corned Beef while staying true to your dietary goals.

Introducing the Palm Corned Beef Keto Reuben Pizza, made from the highest quality 100% New Zealand-raised, grass-fed and free-range beef! With juicy, savoury shredded brisket-style corned beef, this pizza is not only delicious, but also ready-to-eat, convenient, and easy to prepare. And with zero carbs, it’s the perfect keto-friendly ingredient for quick weeknight dinners and meal prepping. To make this delicious Keto Reuben Pizza we used a Zero Carb Crust recipe and topped it with a Russian Dressing, Palm Corned Beef, Sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese.
“For me nothing says comfort food like a tasty corn beef hash. So how about this recipe made with #PALMCornedBeef – the highest quality 100% New Zealand grass-feed, free range beef. Being ready-to-eat, convenient and easy to prepare, PALM Corned Beef means makes this corn beef hash a cinch to prepare on a busy weeknight.
Want to hear something even better? With a simple substitution of cauliflower florets for potato this comfort food favourite becomes a low-carb, keto-friendly option packed with juicy, shredded brisket-style PALM Corned Beef, cauliflower, onions, and peppers. All sautéed in a cajun-style seasoning, topped with Swiss cheese and crispy pork panko fried eggs. Just top it off with avocado and you’re all set for low-carb, low hassle deliciousness. Exactly what I wanted from this dish!” – Gavin Knox of @crumbsinmybeardyyz
“High Protein Low Carb Steak Burrito Bowls 
427 Cal | 25g Protein | 15 Net Carbs 💚
(Full Recipe Breakdown In My Next Post)
When it comes to cooking convenience is always my goal because let’s face it — life gets busy and cooking isn’t always a priority. I’m always on the hunt for products that are high protein, easy to work with and super versatile. One of my key ingredients? PALM Corned beef. Not only is it made from the highest quality 100% New Zealand-raised, grass fed and free-range beef but this juicy, savoury shredded brisket-style corned beef is ready-to-eat, convenient, and easy to prepare whenever and wherever. It comes in six flavours, two sizes, and in Halal. You can’t go wrong with this delicious, affordable, and versatile zero-carb protein.” – Nourr Tannouri of @nourrtann


“Stuffed Shrooms – You need to make these delicious low carb and high protein stuffed mushrooms caps using PALM Corned Beef!
I used the juicy, savoury shredded brisket-style corned beef that is ready-to-eat, convenient, and easy to prepare whenever and wherever. Add it into other recipes like this to make the most out of your protein.

I like to camp in the summer time, so these will be a convenient way to pack high protein, low carb food on the go! Make sure to check out PALM Corned Beef for easy, inexpensive protein options either on the go or for your next recipe.” – Brie Simeoni of @sugarfreebrie

Risk It For The Brisket

Join us as we break free from culinary norms and prepare mouthwatering meals in unexpected places, showcasing the remarkable portability of PALM Corned Beef. Our partner influencers will be conquering mountains, skiing down slopes, and embarking on various adventures while enjoying the delightful flavors of PALM Corned Beef. It’s an exploration of taste and adventure you won’t want to miss!

“Field notes: we are being sustained almost entirely by bowls of palm corned beef hash, and I’m not mad about it. also it is cold.” – Christie Fitzpatrick of @gnarstie
“Nothing beats a sizzling breakfast skillet cooked over an open fire on a snowy morning adventure! PALM corned beef adds the perfect flavor to start the day off right and continue to enjoy the Beauty of nature.”- Max Dumont of @grillhunters
“Armed with our propane stove, some veggies & a can of PALM Corned Beef, we set off to find the most scenic spot to prep & enjoy a desert chilli (recipe below👇) on our last day in Utah. How did we do?!” – Roxanne Bauer of @roxyoutdoors
“Would you eat this? Corned Beef Hash Waffles with #PALM Corned Beef was a crowd pleaser at camp! Follow @thewimpycamper to see my wimpy and not so wimpy outdoor life.” – Michelle Agon of @wimpycamper
“Making Beef Shakshuka with PALM Corned Beef! Out here upping our camping game and making some extraordinary dishes (which is super easy with PALM’s convenient cans of prepared brisket!) Did we mention it’s made with 100% New Zealand-raised, grass-fed and free-range cows? Bon Appétit!” – Maegan Smith @fuelforthesole

Breakfast For Dinner

Turn the tables on tradition with PALM Corned Beef! Join our Breakfast for Dinner campaign and savor the mouthwatering delights of corned beef and eggs at any time of day. Explore creative recipes and redefine dinnertime with PALM Corned Beef!

“Using PALM Corned Beef to make my favorite dish: Eggs and Rice. Canadian shoppers can find it at T&T, No Frills, Walmart Supercentre and their local Independent Asian grocery store.” – Rich Sitterly of @richsit
“PALM Corned Beef makes it easy to make a quick and delicious breakfast for dinner meal. The fillings are great in a sandwich, and also on top of rice!” – Mary Tang of @marryshappybelly
“Looking to impress some friends over the holidays. Check out my previous post to get the recipe for this super easy to make Corned Beef Hash from PALM! Trust me this dish is dangerously addictive! The highlight of this dish is the PALM Corned Beef which comes in six different flavours and is ready to eat within minutes from opening the can. It’s juicy flavour and brisket texture is perfect for any sort of cooking!” – James Hung of @jameshung15
“Instead of my usual corned beef, I used PALM Corned Beef, a product of New Zealand to elevate this classic dish as it’s made from 100% New Zealand-raised, grass fed and free-range beef. You can immediately tell the difference in meat quality as it’s a shredded brisket-style corned beef that is juicy and savoury.” – Diana Chan of @foodologyca