Helping you sell the very best food

By working with us, you will have a steady supply of stock from all the top companies in the Philippines, Asia and the United States. We’ve made it our mission to provide world-class service to every customer and want to help you stock those shelves, whether you’re a large retailer or a smaller independent store.

How we help

Corinthian Distributors will work with you to figure out how to reach the right customers, supply the right food for the demographics and communities you service, and provide advanced bar-coding and warehousing assistance as you resell our products. We always go above and beyond to make sure you can confidently resell Corinthian products and use them to set you apart from your competition.

Become a reseller

If you would like to become a reseller, be sure to reach out. We will be in touch shortly to discuss working together. Be sure to tick all the products you wish to sell and leave a short note with any questions you might have in the form below. 

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