Lingayen Fish Sauce Patis

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Brand: Lingayen

12 per case
Net Weight: 750ML
Unit: Bottle

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Fish Sauce (Patis) is one of the basic ingredients used in Oriental cuisine. Similar to Worcestershire Sauce or Maggi Sauce, Fish Sauce is traditionally used as a flavoring element for seasoning dishes.

Lingayen® Patis has an exceptional flavor that is different from the Thai fish sauce. Lingayen® Agri-Food Supply uses a combination of freshly dried fish, blended together in order to develop the unique taste of our Lingayen® Fish Sauce.

Whether used as an ingredient or condiment, the smooth and savory flavor of Lingayen® Patis will enhance the essence of your cooking. You’ll enjoy our Lingayen® Fish Sauce as it is sure to awaken your senses with its aroma and unique taste.

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