The latest snack crazes from the Philippines

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Snacking is a favourite pastime in the Philippines. No wonder, long aisles of different snack foods can be found in supermarkets. From the cottage industry type of snack found in roadside stands to the trendy, cosmopolitan, 1st world image snacks, Filipinos love them. 

A trip down the grocery aisle is always fascinating, from deep-fried sweet and spicy anchovies (dilis), chicharron to your familiar Potato Chips.

The chicharron phenomenon is interesting.  With origins in Spain, it is a popular finger-food snack and can be found in places like Latin and South America, southwestern United States, Guam, Philippines etc where Spanish influence is strong.  Chicharron is usually made from various cuts of pork and can also come from chicken. It is the most loved snack in the Philippines and is often consumed with alcoholic beverages. They can be found in all major supermarket chains to market stalls and corner stores also known as Sari-Sari stores

Snacking is something that everyone loves. Although family doctors may not agree, it is quite enjoyable. In the Philippines, snacking on junk food is also popular with the adult crowd.

We are proud to introduce the Jack n Jill line of snacks from their plant in Malaysia, Jigs or Potato Crisps, Corn Curls and all-time favourites Potato Chips in Salsa and Spring Onion flavours.

Kid-O Creamy Butter and Lemon Butter Flavours, both popular around Asia are back by popular demand.   Old Manila Spreads with a line of tropical flavoured jams like Coconut-Rum and Guava flavours is a big addition to our bread-filler line.  Last December, we launched our Cochinillo line or popularly known as “Lechon de Leche” under the Tabladillo label. From Segovia, Spain, these suckling pigs are only milk-fed and thus makes the meat very tender and sweet.  It makes eating pork, ”guiltless”. It can be baked in a house oven.  


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