5 Best Instant Noodles in Canada

You don’t have to spend so much time nor have a great cooking skill to enjoy healthy delicious food. It is surprising that most students and people with busy schedules simply miss some of their meals or spend to eat at restaurants; while they could take advantage of a variety of low cost, easy-to-make foods like instant noodles.  Instant noodle lovers know what we are talking about. One can enjoy a healthy and budget-friendly meal which takes only 5 minutes to prepare.

Among various brands of instant noodles, Lucky Me! noodles focus on delivering the highest quality, flavor diversity, and diet versatility. With its fried noodles style (aka Pancit Canton), Lucky Me! is one of the best instant noodles’ brands, brings the original tropical tastes from the Philippines to Canada. Here, we introduce the 5 best instant noodles provided by Lucky Me! that you should try and can easily purchase at major retail stores:

15 0640M6 4807770275593 Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Kalamansi 6 packs 60 g No.1

The Kalamansi flavoured Lucky Me! Instant noodles is a must try for everyone. Kalamansi (aka Philippine lime) is an ineffably amazing flavor ubiquitously employed in traditional Philippine cuisine. This flavor is one of the reasons that Lucky Me! pancit canton is categorized among the best instant noodles’ brands. The sourness added by this fruit to the Lucky Me! pancit canton has taken instant noodles to the next level – an incredibly novel and delightful dish. You cannot find this unique flavor in any other brand of instant noodles – Lucky Me! is the only provider of this flavor in Canada. Experience our most-loved Kalamansi Pancit Canton (stir-fried-noodles).   

Get Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Kalamansi 6 pack

2- Lucky Me! Pancit Canton instant noodle – Chilimansi

15 0646M6 4807770272189 Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Chilimansi 6 pack No.1

As implied by its name, Chilimansi, is a boosting the Kalamansi flavor noodles to a pleasantly spicy level. Another novel idea of Lucky Me! pancit canton noodles to create a hot sour taste in their noodles! This Chilimansi noodles is the best instant noodle flavor for those who love spicy instant noodles but are tired of the repetitive tastes in the market and seek a new taste. Experiencing the popular Kalamansi fruit and Chili taste in your palate at the same time is unique and exciting enough to make you buy these Lucky Me noodles over and over after your first try.

Get Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Chilimansi 6 Pack

3-Lucky Me! Pancit Canton instant noodle – Original

15 0614M64807770275586 Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Original 6 Pack 60g No.3

The original Lucky Me! instant noodles deliver the taste of traditional pancit canton (stir-fried noodles) with flavorful hints of caramelized onion, garlic, and savory chicken. All you need to do is cook these instant noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes. Just mix the packets of soy sauce, coconut oil, and the flavorful seasoning powder that come with the product in a dish to make your magic paste. After draining the instant noodles, mix them with the paste and let all the bursting flavors penetrate your unwilling palette. You can now enjoy one of the best instant noodles you can ever have in Canada with a savory and well-balanced seasoning.

Get Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Original (6 pack)

4Lucky Me! Pancit Canton instant noodle – Extra Hot Chili

15 0644M6 4807770272172 Lucky Me instant Canton Hot Chili 6 Pack 60g No.1

If you are into spicy dishes, do not miss the hot chili Lucky Me! instant noodles. This noodle is enriched with dried tropical chili pepper flakes. Each bite bursts with thick aromatic flavor. When mixed with our pleasantly bouncing noodles and the magic paste, this noodle satisfies any craving for a spicy noodle! Feel free to add diced tomatoes and green onions to add more texture and color to your dish.

Get Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Hot Chili

5-Lucky Me! Pancit Canton instant noodle – Sweet & Spicy

15 0634M6 4807770272578 Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Sweet Spicy 6 Pack 60g No.1

Of course, the desired level of spiciness varies among individuals. For Those with a mildly sweet tooth, our sweet and spicy instant noodles are geared for those who like to experience a gloriously well-balanced noodle with a mild spicy hint. You will appreciate how the sweetened soy sauce married with a garlicy oil and flakes of chili peppers turns the taste of your instant noodle into a pleasantly new sweet spicy flavor. 

Get Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton Sweet & Spicy

Some mom have tried all  5 Lucky Me! Pancit instant Noodles and is very satisfied with the quality and taste of every single one of them. They rank the “Kalamansi“ and “Chilimansi” as two flavors that instant noodle lovers must-try.  The “Original” flavour is also the basis of many creative and delicious instant noodle recipes that can make your meal more exciting.


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